Let me ask you something:

  • Are you overweight and frustrated? Have you tried everything and nothing seems to stick?

  • Have you visited your doctor recently, and were told you’re in danger of some serious health issues, and you're nervous?

  • Do you have someone important in your life, and the fact that you not being at your best could make their lives more difficult just came over you?

  • Do you just want to look in the mirror and feel better about what you see looking back at you?

I've been there too!

My name is Vincent Esposito, and I'm a Doctor of Chiropractic and also have a Master's Degree in Human Nutrition. But there was also a time when I was 25 pounds overweight, developed some gut issues, decreased energy levels, an increased sense of anxiety, and a newly-developed seasonal allergy. Then, one day I decided I had enough, and made enough changes that all those symptoms simply disappeared over time! I'm here to show you how I did it, and why it works!

Imagine if...

  • You didn't have to stress over counting calories!

  • You could take back control of your health!

  • You could stop fearing food, and start enjoying it again!

  • You can feel confident and comfortable in your body!

  • You never had to diet again!

  • You can feel like yourself again, and get your energy levels back!

  • You can shift your perspective on health & life!

Let's make this permanent and enjoyable!

It's time to hop off the diet roller coaster and reclaim your health!

This program is perfect for you if...

  • You desire a happier and healthier existence.

    You deserve to be the best version of yourself. You want to be at your ideal weight, healthier, leaner, more energetic, and suffer from less pain.

  • You're tired of feeling stuck and frustrated.

    We will work together to create a clear roadmap that works for you, your lifstyle, and your health goals.

  • You want to get your confidence back!

    No more need to worry about the latest detoxes, cleanses, diets, fasts, and whatever other fads come into the fold.

  • You want to take back control of your health.

    Your health future is not written in stone. We all have the ability to look and feel our best!

  • To improve your relationship with food.

    Knowledge is power when it comes to nutrition, and this will give you the knowledge to make thoughtful, empowering decisions going forward.

  • You want to improve your energy levels.

    Maximize your productivity and perform at your best day in and day out. Feel sharper during the work day, and bounce back with more energy.

  • You are looking for a guide.

    Success in any field is never a solo act. Do you really want to try another diet, and only to end up right where you started again?

  • You want to look & feel younger.

    Have the tools to look and feel your absolute best!

  • You want to shift your perspective...

    ...On health, life, and your ability to transform.

Don't just take it from me...

Check out what past clients have said!

Lisa C.

After a comprehensive meeting with Dr. Esposito, he asked me for some information concerning my eating habits. He also suggested some blood tests he felt may be necessary to get to the bottom of my problems. The results revealed some issues. Dr. Esposito then gave me some advice on what and what not to eat and prescribed some supplements he felt may be effective. After a second blood test a few months later, my results were a lot better, which really eased my mind because I always thought I was in pretty good shape for a 55 year old. Now I continue to follow his directions hoping to get even healthier. I highly recommend Dr. Esposito to anyone trying to get or stay healthy. He is always there for me and will answer any questions I have about my health.

Emma G.

Dr. Esposito is well aware of the benefits proper nutrition. Proper nutrition, along with a solid foundation from a proper workout regimen, can be the difference between “good” and “great” performance. I had been able to lose some weight but was still having joint pains and I could not get those last 15 pounds off. But after working with Dr. Esposito, my joint pains began to disappear and I’ve almost lost all the weight I never thought I could!

Richie G.

I struggled with weight loss for a long time. I also had very high PSA numbers on my latest blood test that were alarming to me. I felt like I tried everything, but I always seemed to put the weight back on. After working with Dr. Esposito, not only did i lose the weight, but my PSA numbers had fallen back into the normal range! I could not believe it! I was given all the tools I needed to succeed and have been able to keep the weight off for longer than I ever imagined! Thanks!

Bonus Features

Include additional content to your course curriculum to provide further value to your students.

  • Access to Over 300 Recipes

    These are all delicious, plant-based recipes I have used on my journey to get to where I am today!

  • My Grocery List

    Ever feel like you're eating the same foods every week? Not anymore! This expansive grocery list will provide you will a litany of options, and includes a seasonality food chart. This is the guideline I use before I set off to go food shopping!

  • Access for Life

    After working together, you will have access to all the material from this course going forward! Come back and review the video material and written guides as often as you'd like!


  • How long will we be working together?

    We will be working together for 10 weeks.

  • How will we be meeting?

    We will have a 45-minute weekly Zoom call, along with the ability to constantly be in touch via a private messaging app.

  • How much availability is included?

    You will have access to me 24/5, meaning you can message me throughout the day Mon-Fri and receive a response with 1-2 hours from the hours of 9am-5pm (Eastern Standard Time). Weekend communication can be available as needed, but expect a response with 24-48 hours.

  • How much time do I need to commit?

    This is a self-paced course, and you get out what you're willing to put in. Feel free to work this into your own schedule that best works for you!

  • What is included?

    This includes a roadmap to improve your health, boost your energy levels, and shift your perspective on food long-term! It includes downloadable worksheets, recipes, grocery lists, and food journals, along with plenty of video content to set you up for lasting success.

Ready to feel like yourself again?