Have you given up on attaining true health & vitality?

If you'd like to reconnect with your body to reach optimal health, then you're in the right place!

I've been there too!

My name is Dr. Vincent Esposito, and I am a holistic doctor with extensive training in chiropractic, nutrition, and herbal medicine. I have a particular interest in mind-body-spirit medicine, gut health, herbalism, detoxification, iridology, and using food as medicine! But there was also a time when I was 25 pounds overweight, developed some gut issues, decreased energy levels, an increased sense of anxiety, and a newly-developed seasonal allergy. Then, one day I decided I had enough, and made the necessary changes to erradicate all of those symptoms over time! I'm here to show you how I did it, and why it works! Throughout my schooling and time in practice, I have become obsessed with longevity and optimal health. To do this, I have studied many different techniques, taken many different courses, and considered many different philosophies. ‍ I have learned from some of the best detox doctors in the world, working with herbal remedies, and diving deep into learning just exactly HOW the body works. ‍

Here's what you get:

  • A 21-Day Meal Plan with over 50 recipes!

  • A Comprehensive health Questionnaire to Track Yoru Progress

  • Get Access to Professional-Grade Herbal Formulas

  • Learn About My Favorite Protocols & How to Implement Them

  • Healthy Bowel Management & Solutions for Colon Cleansing WITHOUT Enemas!

  • How to Incorporate Fasting

Find the clarity and confidence you deserve, and the roadmap to thrive for years to come!

This is a done-for-you, step-by-step protocol with herbal protocols and recipes to support you on your journey!

The most important thing I learned over my career thus far is that the body, mind, and spirit have virtually unlimited potential, when supported correctly.

Detoxification is NOT a treatment.  It is a system and practice to incorporate into your life 3-4x per year.  Detoxification does not “treat” symptoms of a problem, nor does it treat “deficiency.”    The word treatment itself does not really apply.  Detoxification and unlock your inner healing capacity, and help rid your body of any toxic material, microbes, and acidity to restore balance.  

In the past 100 years alone, over 100,000 new chemicals have been introduced into the environment- which is an incredible burden to handle.

The truth is, the VAST MAJORITY dis-ease comes from one of three causes:

  1. Inherent Weakness (Genetic)

  2. Acidity

  3. Toxicity 

These three account for (in my estimation) at least 97-99% of all diseases today.  

The body is designed to heal.  That is the default mode.  Your life is your medicine, you just have to start living it!  That is what this course is designed to do!

Would it be out of the question to...

  • Desire a happier and healthier existence?

    You deserve to be the best version of yourself. You can take back control of your health!

  • Take back control of your health?

    Your health future is not written in stone. The choices you make today affect how you will feel tomorrow!

  • Feel rejuvenated?

    No more feeling as if you can't get out of bed or feeling as if you don't have the energy to make it through the day!

  • Improve your skin?

    Revitalize and rejuvenate your skin!

  • Improve Your Performance?

    The same methodolgies are used by doctors, dentists, strength and other health practitioners to feel your best!

Tap Into What Nature Has Already Given You!

Realize Your Potential. Feel Revitalized!

What Does Thriving Look Like?

  • Rested & Rejuvenated Organs

  • Weight Loss 

  • Toxin Elimination 

  • Increased Productivity and Energy

  • Reduced Inflammation

  • Improved Digestion

  • Regular Bowel Movements

  • Lighter, Brighter Eyes

  • Clearer Glowing Skin

  • Reduced Unhealthy Cravings

  • Raising Your Vibration

  • Balanced Moods

  • More Restful Sleep

  • Slowing Down Aging

  • Reducing Allergies

  • Bolstering Immune System

  • Feeling Calm & Relaxed

  • Gain Mental and Emotional Clarity

  • Increased Absorption of Nutrients

  • Balanced Hormones

  • Reduced Bloating

  • And more!

So the real question is… is it ridiculous to want a better life for yourself?